About Us

Our story began in 1991. Back then we were at a small office room with 2 persons in the city of Zhengzhou, a city that is today the provincial capital of Henan Province, China. spans over 10,000 years from its beginnings as a Neolithic settlement to its emergence as a trading port during the final years of the Qing Dynasty. A fewer years later, we expanded to several larger office rooms. Due to tremendous growth in the industry, we relocated into a tall building in downtown of Zhengzhou. Now we are located on Xinghua Street, which is in the center of zhengzhou and it is quite easy to access.

Today, we are a team with more than 50 team members. We have manufacturers who make goods for us in our factories. We supply all types of archery equipment, bows, bow accessories, arrows, slingshots, shooting gear, targets and all other archery accessories,

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