Engels said in 1863: “bow string, the arrow has been a very complex tool, invented these tools need to have long-term experience and more developed intelligence.” And perhaps the invention of the bow and the origin of the music also has some kind of relationship. UK science historian Bernard (JDBerrnal) said: “The rough bark bowstring pop-stringed instrument sound may be the origin of so bow to the scientific aspects of the arts of music and music have contribution.” About ancient China has a unique theory that the “bow born bomb” (“Wuyuechunqiu · Gou conspiracy rumor”). Fillip slingshot. In Oracle, the bombs word writing B, as a bow, there is a small sac in central chord to bloom projectile. This shape of a slingshot, has been widely popular in China. Modern jugglers Beijing flyover has hit those bombs, and some on the use of this slingshot, and Xishuangbanna and Burma, northern Thailand Dai people may still use this bamboo slingshot. Perhaps our ancestors originally invented just launch slingshot projectile gravel or mud, after further exploration, it will be used for archery bow, so have a bow and arrow.
Historical development

In the Cold War era, the bow is the most terrible deadly weapon. Archer appeared time, bow and arrow may be traced back to a distant era myth. Hou Yi shot nine Yao legend, always popular, and this is the most effective advertising on the power of the bow and arrow
Another example comes from the “Book of Songs” in the “xing xing horn bow.”
Ming bow system type Figure: Left is Kaiyuan bow, bow tip is small, the right is a wooden bow quadrupled from the Tang Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty, there was a row of record using the crossbow. Crossbowman divided into three rows, front firing, ranked preparation,
After the establishment of the Qing Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty bow Turks used to be abandoned and replaced with a heavy bow and armor-piercing capability changjon. Qing basis using bow bow on the previous generation evolved, there are thousands of years of history. This bow great tension, reaching more than 30 kg, bent too long, reaching 1.8 meters.
Archer is only one type of system, divided by grade level emperor, Prince of Wales, the guards and soldiers with equal Officials; by the way into hunting with bows and arrows line circumference, reviewed the troops and combat use. There are all kinds of bows only difference in the selection of decor, the 41 meter with arrow species. There are four kinds of crossbows, which are wishful crossbow, dual crossbows, dual penetration mallard God crossbow and crossbow to shoot a tiger, but no actual records. Although these crossbows strong impact of firearms, but still with the dash eight soldiers on the battlefield, showing vitality. But in the late Qing Manchu Banners gradually corrupted due to Pacific time, riding and shooting of antiquity gone, plus the old China after the Opium War of seclusion door was open, and Chinese officials found a more advanced firearms and use them quickly equipped with its own forces, such as Hunan, Zeng Li’s Huai and other armed militia in simply do not see the shadow of the bow and arrow. Thus, along with the (Chinese) military developments come a long history of years of ancient crossbow finally like Nishiyama sunset as irretrievably disappeared below the horizon in the military revolution.
Far in the late Paleolithic 30,000 years ago, humans in China began to use a bow and arrow. The first arrow is very simple, with a Shugun or bamboo, cut into a certain length of the shaft, is at one end sharpened arrows. The true origin of the vector should be primitive Stone Age society, people put stone, bone or shell mill made sharp shape, mounted on the rod end of the vector, which is made of stone arrowheads, bone or shell Zu Zu’s vector of than single cut with a wooden arrow bamboo can be considered a big step. Because of preserved ancient shaft hard, so often leaving only unearthed arrowheads. Neolithic stone, bone, mussels arrowheads, there are bar, leaf, triangle, and other, some existing stem and reverse barbed arrowhead. Yanshi County, Henan Erlitou site was first unearthed in the early Shang Dynasty bronze arrowhead. Shang and Zhou dynasties, the main style bronze arrowhead there is a ridge-style wings. Warring States, triangular arrowhead style prevalent during the Warring States Period more equipment such sharp iron collars to save copper. Han later began to iron arrowhead arrowhead copper transition, this process has gone through about 200 years. Mancheng County, Hebei Province, the early Western Han Dynasty unearthed three-wing or rectangular type iron arrowheads, still line molded shape, sharp lesser extent copper arrowhead; new fan County, Sichuan Province of the Eastern Han Dynasty unearthed Mumashan flat iron arrowhead was acute triangle, both for forging, there are strong lethality. This point therefore abandoned steel arrowhead shape long-term use of the offspring inherited.
Multi bamboo shaft, there are wooden. The Qin Dynasty, in Yunmeng and northeast Sushen family inhabited the South, are produced broken utensil vector of the system. Until the Ming and Qing, southern system also use the arrow bamboo, reed willow with North, Northeast, Northwest and more with birch rods. In order to more accurately hit the target, we must grasp the direction of the arrow in flight, so people at the end of the shaft is mounted on the feathers, so that the arrow shape tends to improve.
Flight speed and accuracy of a close relationship with the feathers arrows. Fletching too, flying slow; too little stability. In order to make it the right proportion, in the “Research” contains the length of the arrow portion of the ups and downs, a method in order to install the proportion of the tail. Fletching with? Ling is the most on the corner, followed by the eagle feather, owl feathers again followed. Loading geese feather arrows easy oblique case of wind channeling quality even worse. In the Song Dynasty, when there is insufficient supply of high quality feather, had invented the wind Yu Jian. According to the “Song of soldiers” records, Qingli four years (1044), the Song court “gave Lu Yan Road Explorer wind feather son bolt three hundred thousand,” shows wind Yu Jian also a combat weapon. An arrow nock this will empty feather tick at both sides, the use of inward recessed vortex drag empty slots make arrows maintain stable flight, its design is quite scientific.
To increase the effectiveness of anti-arrows, after Han Geng Gong invented “Poison.” Three Kingdoms, Guan Yu attack Fancheng, was Cho’s 500 archers arrows blocking, right arm in a bolt, poisonous arrows, poison has been persuaded, bruising his right arm, can not move, then please Hua heal. Shen Yi Hua said: “This is the bolt of the injury, including drug aconite, the Zhitou Life, if not treated early, this arm useless men.” Aconitum is a medicinal plants, herbs called “tuber” its stems, leaves, roots are poisonous. Then crossbow arrow minority toxic conventional multi-band, in Fletcher, flesh rotten, rotten to the internal organs and died. Poison visible disability, death rate is very high. With the emergence of gold armor armored asking more penetrating arrows. Multi-purpose steel arrowheads Jin Dynasty. Tang Dynasty arrow into bamboo arrows, wood arrows, arrows soldiers, bolt of four, the first two for hunting, the latter two for combat. Arrowheads made of steel used in battle, the longer the blade portion, can penetrate the hard armor. In addition to the poisoned arrows, and arson in the shaft tied product (oil or powder) rocket (ancient Chinese rockets), widely used in the war.
Ming and Qing Dynasties, there is a flight with a ring of arrows called “Mingdi.” According to the “Former Han Kingdoms” describe this arrow from Prince Hun country Modu hands. Modu to fight the throne, want to rein in the people, in order to do whatever they want, they invented a bone arrow, piercing the top, there is the sound of the launch, called “Mingdi”, dedicated by him. Then heralds Tribes: “Thou shalt see my Mingdi the shooting, archery lunch together, not against the offenders legislation cut!” Since then, the congregation Modu often led his troops to go hunting, as long as he Mingdi out of, the Department of Public Wan Qi vector save, a slight delay, Libi sword. Everyone is very afraid, not neglect. One day, Modu good pull his beloved horse, with Mingdi shoot horses, men also shot strife, Modu seeing smile, over plus rewards. However Modu not therefore satisfied, they have, with Mingdi shot his wife, shot and killed the king Man good horse head, Department of Public Jishe heard the slightest hesitation were immediately killed. Since then, as long as dysprosium woo a ring, all the arrows to fly, no one Ganwei. Modu think the time is ripe, this day, please the king hunting together, with their own after the horses, aligned with Mingdi Man shot to the head, the Department of Public simply repeating the same shot at the King of the Huns under head Man shoot arrows, Modu patricide himself king. Ming and Qing Dynasties of “Mingdi” is the arrowheads added a horn made of bone or a small whistle. Arrow development is continuous improvement with the crossbow and development, Strongbow large crossbow appears asking arrows with good penetration force, so arrowheads requirements are rising.

Production of materials

Autumn on the occasion of the “Research” secondary school have “artificial bow bow” one of the system gave a detailed summary of the bow technique. Over the next two thousand years, the Chinese, or that there is no fundamental change compared to the Asian composite bow archery and manufacturing technology system Kaogongji. “Research” for the bow-taking materials, processing methods, properties and combinations of components, and have a more detailed requirements and provisions of the shortcomings of the process should be prevented, were also analyzed. “Research” in that compulsory bow to dry, angular, tendons, glue, wire, paint, collectively known as the “six timber” as important.
“Dry”, including a variety of wood and bamboo, for the production of the main bow arm, multi-layer composite. Performance of dry wood on the bow of performance play a decisive role. “Research” in the state: dry wood to Tsugeki is on, times have Yi wood, oak trees, bamboo for the next. These extremely solid wood material, despite sliding will not easily broken, long range and lethality large arrows. North and South Bow Bow significantly different in the material, and more bamboo dry south, while the north, especially in the Northeast area especially in this hard wood based. This is the ancient Chinese war, one can always stay ahead of the northern army reasons.
Six timber Corner
“Horn” that animal horns, made of flaky, affixed to the inside of the bow arm (abdomen). According to “Research”, made a bow master horns to white, younger, better not Feng angle; “corner two feet five inches long (nearly 50 cm), three color without losing reason, that the cow wearing a cow “, this is the best angle material (an angle equivalent to the price of a cow, that cow’s horns on his head is not, but the two” cow “). North China are mostly cattle, buffalo can not see the shadow, had to be replaced with horns, from this point of speaking, this is the bow of the strengths of the South.
“Tendons” that animal tendon, affixed to the outside of the bow arm (back). Tendons and role angles are reinforced elastic bow arm, so when more 劲疾 shot out, the matter more deeply. According to “Research”, the tendon is the most commonly used “six timber”, choose a smaller muscle strips were long, and the larger circle evenly moist.
“Glue” that glue to bond dry wood and corner bars. “Research” recommended plastic deer, horses glue, plastic cow, mouse glue, isinglass, rhino plastic glue of six. Preparation “glue is generally the skins and other animal tissues on the water rolling boil, add a little lime or alkali, then filtered and concentrated by evaporation from. It later made archery experience to obtain yellow fish maw The most excellent glue. an important part of Chinese Carpenter bow bow with isinglass production, namely at the bearing, but will hide glue used in less critical areas, such as covering the epidermis.
“Silk”, that thread will be tied to the corner bead silk bow tubes tightly wound, making it more secure. According to “Research”, choose the color of silk to be dressed, as in the water.
“Paint”, will make a good bow arm painted with paint to prevent moisture frost erosion. Generally every ten days painting again, until you can play a protective role in the bow arm.

Production skills

Archer’s manufacturing is not complicated, the children mostly do it yourself, do it without an adult. First up the mountain to find a bow segment size is moderate, tough, flexible trees, to cut down, remove the leaves, slowly bent into a bow, in order to prevent its extension to recover, it is necessary to use a burn firewood desperately. If unable to find suitable trees, bamboo or rattan can be substituted. Made a bow, string is not difficult, you can use the rope line. But the elastic rope is not strong, the impact of the range and power of the bow and arrow, bow best act with a rubber band. Kind of flat rubber band, multi-line pants for adult use, children itching Nanjin, simply rubber band pants ripped off, I make a bow. The rest is arrows, the most commonly used sugar cane leaf stems, stalks or yellow reed stalk. These things relatively little soft, if shot in someone else’s body, that does not cause much harm. As arrows pot it, the plastic tube inside the chopsticks chopsticks poured into the arrows, but the arrow is a better pot. But this is not a real bow and arrow, just a toy, at best, only an imitation. Of course, the principle is the same, but not to use it to hurt, but as a powerful weapon in a war game.
Bow and arrow is the best weapon that can be prepared temporary, and very easy to prepare. Just take a very short time, you will be the beneficiaries when using them. Have completely dried solid wood material certainly playing better, not when you should be able to make a good bow. If you will be expected to stay in the seat of a few months, you should store some of the finest wood shells to spare. Other shells wood life will be shorter, you can do a few bows, loses elasticity, and back to a use.
Yew bow is the ideal material system – all the old English longbow made by yew. In the Northern Hemisphere distribution of five kinds of yew trees, but not all kinds of common prosperity. Others such as oak, willow, hickory, cedar, cycads, one hundred elm, cypress trees, birch and hemlock are the ideal material made bow.
Bomb wooden pick

Should choose easy playing very good toughness bent bow bag material used to make the bow handle. Generally about 120 cm, but can be a choice based on individual circumstances.
Select suitable bow handle their own use: right hand on the side of the waist, holding one end of the elastic wood, stick hole left oblique move straight forward, and hold the bomb wood, prepare logos, take this as a bomb wooden bow handle the length will be very suitable. This can be used as a standard-sized bow (longbow requires more skill to use).
Processing bow handle

Bow handle central width of 5 cm, both ends of the tapering until 1.5 cm. Engraved grooves at a distance of about 1.25 cm at the end of the handle (a), in order to fix the bowstring. First stripped of bark, after forming the bow handle cut, apply a layer of grease appearance.
Bowstring installation

Bowstring make the best use rawhide. Can be cut into 3 mm wide strip of tough. Other types of rope in an emergency you can also use. Leather good old nettle tree on crude fiber, can knead strong bow rope. If the bow handle highly elastic, it may take a relatively short bow. When fixed bowstring taut bow handle only slightly – – opened only when the bow, bow handle tight bend it further, provided considerable stretch.
First on the bowstring arch shank groove wear a ring, then two laps around a half. If the material does not make a bow handle dry, should not be placed in the open side of the bow, or easy to make the bow stem deformation. Preparation of sophisticated hard-edged than an elastic bow hidden trap more efficient, but also more accurately hit the target – but after the loss of elasticity of the bow, do not reuse. Back a bow.
Preparation Arrow

Any straight wood can be used as shaft material, but when the bow and arrow set on the right thumb of protective equipment birch is undoubtedly one of the best materials. Shaft length of 60 cm, 6 cm wide, it should be straight (between two fixed rope tie a bomb can be used as a standard ruler) should also be as smooth as possible. Shaft end should be engraved with the groove to support the bowstring. Check the end of each shaft groove width is large enough to accommodate your bowstring.
Yu Jian

To improve accuracy, you can make feather arrows tombs. Feathers are selected materials, but other materials can also be used – paper, light fabrics, and even shaved a certain shape leaves.
a: starting from the top, ripped feather quill to the center.
b: Feather leaving 20 mm wide at each end of the quill, so tied
On the shaft.
c: the shaft circumference three equal, symmetrical to each other on the line three feathers tube.


The front shaft directly sharpened, hardened. With additional sharp arrows fastened on the rod, the effect will be better. Tinplate is great: sharpened flint can also be made really sharp arrow. The front end of a split shaft cross-section from the central part, closely tied firmly insert the arrow. Tendon bundle is a good material – when wet with, will shrink dry, tightly tied arrow.

Composition structure

The original wood or bamboo bow bent only monolithic made on animal tendons tied, string thong or linen, the initial sub-arrow just fine sharpened stick or thin bamboo sticks, namely “Easy copulative under” the say “chord wood arc, quiet wood arrows.” Many ethnic minorities in remote areas of China, at the beginning of this century, also uses a similar bows. Songhua River downstream of Hoche, “Water Song pear” tree as raw material (they called Ju Yuan No. bows making skills as “Bule Ken”) system bow trimmed after forming, bending and tied on with a fat fish or deer tendon made of string. Stanovoy Oroqen tribe, with a single manufacturing larch or elm bow, deer jail bars for strings and arrows made with birch, previously just a sharpened woods, then only the stone arrowheads and bone arrowheads and nock sandwiched swans or geese plume. Southwest used some minority bamboo arrows, only the tip of the thin bamboo sticks whittled repair spikes, tail interposed bamboo leaves folded wings, to improve lethality, or carve a shallow groove in the spiral arrows are sharp, dipped with poison.
Compound bow consists of three parts, wood, horn and tendon. No winding wire bending compound bow outward, arched (goal-oriented side) of wood. Arched also consists of three parts: a pair of bow arm and a bow Ba. Wooden parts they use maple (maple), dogwood or mulberry, or while using a variety of wood.
Lacing braid weapon case Jian Jian Qing Emperor Qianlong 37cm long 76cm long weapon case
Bow side (the side facing the shooter)
Angular system is to strengthen the bow arm angle section. Nomads will use water buffalo or wild goat horns. Because buffalo horn angle relative to other animals, more flexible, and longer, so the two with the most nomadic buffalo horn welcome. Nomads will use isinglass the animal after hamstring (from cattle, deer, etc.) glued to a wooden arched section. The reason is that, like a rubber band tendon, can be quickly returned to the original position after the pulling, greatly accelerate the speed of the arrow’s flight. Ends of the pair of wooden bow arm is mounted bow 弰. Most historians believe that this is the invention of the Huns. Shao bow bow poised to enhance and reduce the force required to pull the strings, so that by the compound bow arrow fired stronger lethal.
Nomads use of animal tendon, horsehair, or vines manufacturing strings. Scythian people even have cattle gut strings manufacturing. As for the Turks, they made use of silk strings and famous.
Wandering nomads in the steppes manufactured most arrowheads arrows needle, unlike in Europe, there are sets of popular arrowheads. Historians have pointed out that this is for self-defense. If arrowheads just been inserted shaft, the shaft will reduce the ability to absorb the impact force, the shaft is easily broken, so the ride archers can prevent opponents using their arrows back. However, for the production of shaft material is lacking in the prairie, the nomads are unlikely to self-defense and a lot of waste arrows. More reasonable explanation is that the method of manufacturing arrowheads only simple, but also takes less time, manpower and resources for the few nomadic very good.
Shaft are usually made of reeds or bamboo stalk, birch and dogwood tree is also the material of the shaft. Fletching water bird feathers can be manufactured, for example, geese and duck feathers are a good material. There are two to four shaft fletching, arrow into a more stable flight.
Pull the string instruments
Archer will wear a thumb ring ride (or pull that), to prevent thumb was cut strings. Mid-latitude steppe nomads with skin, bone, horn, metal or stone fabrication thumb ring. In order to accelerate the speed of archery, the inside of the thumb ring grooves or recesses are usually used to clasp the strings.
Bow and arrow Fu bag
Scythian archers will ride the bow and arrows Fu binding pocket, the pocket called gorytos. Gorytos front side there is a bag, designed to throw. Scythian archers riding will gorytos hanging hook on the belt. Early Sarmatian people are using this design.


There horn bow bow, compound bow and pulley bow, bow latter two are made of modern materials, is generally used as a game apparatus. Horn bow is the pinnacle of ancient Chinese bows, so far as much as modern materials produced by the bow. Horn bow by the horns, bamboo tires, tendon, glue and other materials through a hundred processing procedures, technical difficulty, long production cycle, but not long-term preservation, but also be able to save up to one hundred years. Bow and arrow as an important weapon in ancient warfare, and ultimately be eliminated guns, bows and cultural tradition has since become history, will make the traditional bow and arrow is now very few people, it may be only a number, and Qufu Beijing Ju Yuan Xu Fang bow several master will do.
Englishman Peter Feith Lane (Pitt-Rivers) by bow structure, each of the nations of the world is divided into single bow bow, strengthen bow (also known as synthetic bow, bow or laminated backing bow), compound bow three . Archery is generally made from the monomer and the evolution of the way to strengthen and complex. In East Asia, West Asia and the Eurasian steppe regions, are in accordance with the order of development, of course, there are exceptions, most of Europe on the long-term use of monomer bow.
British longbow bow monomer as its representative. There Valencia representative compound bow bow and hyperbolic triangle inflection compound bow, because the latter was introduced to Europe by the ancient Scythians in about the seventh century BC, the Romans called the “Scythian bow” (Scythicus bow) This name is still used today. China as early as the second millennium BC, that the late Shang Dynasty, the extensive use of the bow on the basis of strengthening, it has invented a hyperbolic inflection compound bow, to the Warring States period, became the subject of military equipment with a bow.

The main purpose

The invention of the bow and makes it possible to improve the farther away from the Chinese soft-tip bow accurately and effectively kill the prey, and to carry, easy to use, you can prepare many arrows, continuous shooting. If we say that any of the tools and weapons are hand extended, then bows before the firearm is called the birth of the greatest one hand extended. Engels said: “bows for savagery, as iron swords and firearms for barbarism for civilization, as well as a decisive weapon.” Commented bows and arrows, are still inadequate. Because even in the “barbarism”, nor any kind of weapons of bronze or steel (including iron swords), with the role of the bow and arrow match. We can say that until the birth of firearms, bows and arrows are decisive weapon.


Nock hands-down
Nock’s hands-down the main two. One is the Mediterranean, mainly popular in the Western region of the bow using a monomer. In this way, based on the index finger, middle finger and ring finger hooked bow, right hand Pull-off, the shaft on the left side of the bow handle of bow. The second is a Mongolian-style, mainly popular in the widespread use of composite bows oriental world. In this way, based on the thumb Pull-off, press and hold the thumb with the index and middle fingers, hand Pull-off, the shaft on the right side of the bow handle of bow. Use the pull string Mongolian law, it must be put on the thumb ring, China called as “She”, later known as the “pull that.” Jue general jade, bone or leather.
Bow and arrow, bow portion of the center and parallel to the line of sight. Left hand bow, arrows help right after pulling horizontally towards the full string, and then release – will be free sharp arrows fly, shooting targets. A lot of practice. Rideau installed several sets bow arrows, quick bursts.
Arrow prevent galling
Many shooters find the arrow fly at the bow, often rubs cheek skin and hands. Cheeks available scarf or other cloth mask, wrist leather belt sheath.
There are many types of bows, according to the method of its use is not the same as used are not the same, the more common longbow and short bow, in ancient times can be divided according to the different steps and ride bow bow arms, according to the different forces also can be divided into light bow, hunting bow and Strongbow. When shooting a bow and arrow in the most common stance is scheduled tee shot standing legs, waist and back five degrees while the bow grip on the left hand, then with his right hand to take the arrows. After retrieving arrows shoot arrows should ride in the bow, the arrow should simultaneously take the stage at the arrow, the arrow in the bow to be close to the body, and to balance with the left arm, right hand to sustain a strong pull back the bowstring, until the bowstring After pulling over, according to the parabolic arc of the arrow shot to Yang.


Long lingual arch

The arch exists only in history to legend, authenticity has yet to be verified, but I think that some words are too exaggerated, but still exist. According to legend, this bow is a bow with long tendons, so high speed and explosiveness, the famous Three Kingdoms period Riboud champion Ji Yuan Men shot just used this bow. Riboud everyone should know, since ancient times, people Riboud, horses in the Red Rabbit argument, so the first three Reggie Riboud is not excessive, but its human treachery, was eventually captured and killed by Cao Cao. However, this person used bows and arrows, and also extraordinary thing, dragon tongue bow can be said at the time was the world first Bow, plus Riboud carved in the history of our country occupies a very important position.
Thunder bow

With Xue led the army was ordered to battle with the enemy in the mountains, we all know that the Turks always been brave and fierce known, due to the mastery of the bow and arrow is not for the general, even with the bow shooting eagles deeds. The two sides fighting began, Turkic army picked a dozen powerful warrior challenge to Tang Jun, which contains more than a dozen warriors in the Turkish army well-known meta tiger, dragon and Yuan Yuan wind trio, the face of such strong enemy with Xue calm, I saw three arrows bursts out compound bow, this time Yuan tiger, dragon and Yuan Yuan wind trio fell, Seeing Turkic army morale chaos, fled for their lives went their separate ways. Some even see the hopeless situation Tangjun direct defected, but with Xue also a famous battle, but with Xue with this bow is the thunder bow.
Overlord bow

I am sure you will hear the name of the King of Western Chu Xiang Yu think, in fact, it is precisely because of the bow named Xiang Yu, Xiang Yu personally but this bow to carry things, its power is enormous. We all know that Xiang Yu Titanic, this bow is bent Darksteel build, according to legend light weight reached 100 kilos, the bow is made of a black dragon on the back tendons. This is a back muscle Xiang Yu was 15 years old, in Wujiang see a black dragon evil assault, Xiang Yu Getting the matter came to Wujiang night alone, black dragon with three days and nights of war will eventually kill him, and its peeling cramps, eventually made this bow. This bow defying Addict, swords difficult injury, followed by Xiang Yu decades, its has achieved a lot.

Future Development

Bows and traditional bows also demonstrated strong vitality, some professional forums and websites such as traditional bows (bows Chinese community) in the rapidly evolving, traditional archery team bows are set up around the museum, the bow is the perfect combination of static and dynamic of the a sports project, is a modern new noble sport, traditional bows in modern society increasingly exudes a unique charm.
Fun Games

Country boy liked to play war or war games, while playing war was needed props, such as wood knife, wooden gun like everything, kids armed with knives and guns, imitating the performances on stage, screaming pitched battle, a lion. In many “weapons”, it bows a soft spot for kids, back Kua longbow, arrows waist hanging pot, just like parachutist reincarnation; or bow and arrow, archery, like a small Guang resurrection, really cocky great sport!
Archer began to play games, play the complex and diverse, and as much as play stones. One of the most simple as is the line drawn, the crowd stood in the line after the shooting, shot arrows whizzing far the winner. This rule is somewhat similar with the javelin. There is also a variant of this play is to shoot sky high the winner, even they do not draw the line. The play is actually a test of children’s craft making bows and arrows, bows intensity and the speed, often depends on the elastic bow, of course, the bow should have a certain weight. And you can consider the child’s shooting arrows.
Production Method

Production and use of bows and arrows has a rich local color, local materials is paramount, from here you can see on the local production of bamboo bamboo bow, where the production of wood on wood bow, and cattle on the prairie, horses, sheep nomads living in tendons, came the most convenient angle, so are the horn bow. In addition to a small wood core, are taken from the rearing of cattle, in their fresh meat, drink their milk, wear their hair, but also make full use of the tendons, horn, leather, can be described best use. Horn bow central China, is constantly since the Qin Dynasty onwards and the northern nomadic warfare and ethnic exchange and developed, especially the Huns – Hungarians learned the initial angle of the bow production technology. The Korean horn bow is because the first use is subject to the influence of China, followed by Japan Yuan conquest failed, defeated army stranded legacy of the Korean Peninsula.
Race decided by its own conditions and operational shape bows, bows and arrows of Chinese big Qin worse than the English longbow, crossbow from the bed, crossbow, arrow shape and manufacture, to the time the number of archers, training, tactics are then most progressive predecessors, Qin crossbow construction is in today’s perspective, in addition to materials development and use of springs and also can not be called outdated, Qin and English longbow archers mainly used in war and infantry fighting vehicles, bows can be made as large as possible. The Mongols, the Hungarian people, belonging to ethnic horseback, horseback combat can not use a lot of bows and arrows, it is generally bows are relatively small. In addition, the tall and the short race also determines the size of the bow shape.
In roughly the same volume, the penetration of the bow up to the general hot weapons, the key is the hot projectile weapons issued after encountering resistance basically stop a straight line, while the arrow in the head after a campaign stop resistance encountered, there will be a big part of the shaft so that the arrow to maintain forward inertia force.
Modern outlook

Today bows bows monopoly accelerate the development of information technology industry, the effort to carry out a new direction information. To accelerate the development of modern bows pointed out the direction. Archer industry thus ushered in an unprecedented strategic development opportunities. Information resources are increasingly becoming an important factor of production, intangible assets and social wealth, is a strategic resource equivalent to all types of material resources. Archer industry is the development trend of information technology to promote industrial revolution bows important force, the level of development of information technology has become an important indicator to measure the degree of modernization bows.
No bows information technology, there is no modern bows. Archer information industry as an important part of the bow and arrow, bow and arrow for the development of the modern major impact. Monopoly bows bows made to further promote information technology, to further improve the level of information production and management bows, bows perfect information service system. Bows around advancing information technology, and actively carry out the bow and arrow technology and product development, multi-power together to promote the formation of a new pattern.
IT application in the production and management services bows and other areas increasing depth, the supporting role of the bow and arrow industrial development gradually emerged, increasing the degree of social concern, optimize the development environment. Of course, information technology bows are still many problems, the overall level of development is not very high for technology and product development to further increase the strength needed improvements.

Tang Dynasty is divided into sub longbow archers, horn bow, shoot a bow, bow and other types of cells, longbow infantry, cavalry equipment horn bow, bow to shoot a bow and grid dynasty imperial guards or hunting use. There Zhang crossbow crossbow arms, corner crossbow, crossbow wooden car, wooden car crossbow, bamboo crossbow, crossbow and big bamboo volt far crossbow seven kinds. Zhang crossbow and crossbow arm angles are light crossbow, equipment man to use, and the rest belong 唐西安 Heavy Crossbow Hunting bronze mirrors, such as large wooden cart crossbow, required, arrow feathers winch Zhang is made of iron, arrows When a “sound like thunder roar.” There is also a car crossbow is also located on the winch, one can launch seven arrows at the same time, you can shoot seven hundred paces, the base in the city, all destroyed. These heavy crossbow as too cumbersome, slow rate of fire, not suitable for the field, it is generally only used for offensive and defensive combat the city. Bow Tang not control weapons, while the absolute prohibition of private holdings crossbow. Why so popular traditional bows popular products
Traditional bows product why so welcomed by the public, and why so many like bows, crossbow hunting people know bows, traditional bows products have any particular place? In order to facilitate the bow enthusiasts who like to learn to master the technology field hunting, bow and arrow shooting crossbow forum experts detailed explanation of the method.
(1) crossbow archers on how to cite: Requires a very skilled hunter can move the bow and the yoke. To lift the bow rapidly, yoke parts to be accurate, these two must be completed in the same moment, for on-line (targeted) laying the foundation.
(2) describes how to aim the bow: aim, also known as on-line refers to the hunter’s eye, aiming a bow and arrow hunting and target constitute a straight line. Hunters done yoke site is accurate, bows aiming system necessarily constitute a straight line with a hunter’s eyes, then, crossbow with eye movement, eyes never managed in the same direction with a crossbow, hunter’s eyes to see where the bow and arrow pointing to mouth Where, hunter’s eyes to see the target, crossbow mouth are bound to the target.
(3) bows on how to play the crossbow Notes: In the “crack shot shooting Law” instant firing when there are two people who are beginners shooting usually a problem, but also the reasons are not allowed to shoot: First, eyes closed when shooting This is usually a problem for beginners unconsciously; the other is an instant trigger to stop the crossbow pipe chase prey movement, which is an important reason behind the point of impact. To correct problems of the above methods, the hunter strict self-discipline, to resolutely do not blink when the shooting bows mouth always keep chasing the motion, has become a mainstream events.
As a military activities and entertainment and sporting events, bows and arrows in our real life is gradually being forgotten, the development of hot weapons, making bows and gradually withdrew from the military arena, but archers arrow flying the technical principles of fluid mechanics, gravity position of arrows flying influence the situation, gunpowder promote the principles of rocket flight mechanics, etc., has been in military technology, aerospace industry which is still widely used today.

Japan and bow
And the history of the bow

The mid-Heian period
(10th century) began to create roughly volt bamboo bow tie made of wood and bamboo bow synthesis
The late Heian period
(12th century) was founded three start playing from the front bow of bamboo wood core wrapped with a bow made of synthetic [3]
Mid Muromachi
(15-16 century AD) began to create square bamboo bow by four bamboo wood core wrapped with a synthetic bow
Edo Period
(17th century) began the creation of wood composite bow fetal bow for its graceful shape is archery practice commonly used one bow in archery bow ratio was 18%, pill wooden bow proportion is 32%, fiberglass bow 27%, half bow, Gou That bow is 11% bamboo bow volt, three dozen bow, bow square bamboo, wood, etc., and 12 percent compound bow bow bow Tire Pros: beautiful body is suitable for performance use, the disadvantage is easily damaged, especially up and down off the plate In conjunction with bamboo place easily broken. In order to ensure bamboo bow toughness, need long-term conservation. Gou high maintenance costs after that bow. Monthly maintenance costs are the total price of the purchase of the bow to 7.28% 3.67%. The average life span of six years. Bow decay of 1.23 kg per year. 2.18 degree angle into a bow shape every year. [4]
1971 to modern
Glass bow using glass fiber or carbon fiber bow making, hardness and elasticity of both, fiberglass bow average life span of seven years. Bow decay of 0.23 kg per year. 2.35 degree angle into a bow shape every year.
Pill wood bow

Yayoi period (5th century BC) began to create pill wood bow, bow as a weapon to use wood pellets, is one of Japan and bow. Pill wood bow and bow early prototype he absorbed the characteristics of the Chinese bow and curve balls wooden bow also a place called because of its wood pellet bow shooting arrows sized force people to accept very painful as the ancient wood pellets so that some areas of criminal law is also known as wood Pill bow. Bando warrior when all equipped pill wood bow, and therefore in the late Heian and Kamakura era “Bando invincible warrior,” saying bow wood pellets mainly for the defense when fighting against the armed forces and the castle, when the arrow bunch emitted light enemy nearing archers, archers would remove the iron tip inserted into one end of the bowstring arch combat as pikemen. Wood pellet bow bow because of their own production as a monomer from its durable monthly maintenance costs are the total price of the purchase of the bow to 0.16% 0.08% is the lowest maintenance costs bow. The average life span of 35 years. Bow decay of 0.031 kg per year. 0.88 degree angle into a bow shape every year. Is a Japanese junior high school, high school, college physical education and Bow Road community will bow. Wood pellet bow annual output 550,000. In addition to Japan’s domestic consumption, because of its durable wood pellet bow largest export volume is 93% and the bow, stand and bow of total exports. Wood pellet production craft bow also become Japan’s intangible cultural heritage. [5]
Comparison with other and bow
Japanese wooden bow and bow into pills, repainting bow, bow Shigefuji, Gou that bow, bamboo bow volt, three dozen bow, bow square bamboo, bamboo tire compound bow bow. In addition to wood composite bow bow tires are several other combat with a bow. General length of 160-180 cm. Length of wood composite bow bow standard tires about 2.2 meters (seven feet three inches). Ancient and bow called the “big bow.” Another kind of ratio and bow for a short format, called “semi-bow” (about 45-160 cm). Users perform the bow position is mainly under the arc part of the bow, is the third full-length ratio of the bow. Repainted for wetland jungle warfare, sea or lake Shigefuji for combat, Gou that bow bow suitable for ultra long distance shooter in about 260-330 is one of the largest and bow.

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